Our menu changes regularly in line with the seasons and the best produce available at any given time.  We also have specials on weekends and our display cabinet with sandwiches and cakes, so come on in and see what's available.


Common Galaxia Seven Seeds house blend   3.8
Single origin or filter, please see board   +0.5
Affogato   5
Turmeric blend   4.5
Bonsoy, decaf   +0.5   Almond milk   +0.7

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate by Mork   4
Miss Floss - Mork hot chocolate with a side of pink   5

Calmer Sutra - spiced tea w ginger root & honey   4.5
Dirty - Calmer Sutra chai w shot of Seeds espresso   5.5
Iced - spiced tea w ginger root & honey on ice   5

Cold drip - rotating feature brew, see board   4.5
Iced latte - Common Galaxia Seven Seeds house blend w ice   3.8
Iced coffee - Seven Seeds espresso w vanilla bean ice cream & milk   7
Iced chocolate - Mork chocolate w vanilla bean ice cream & milk   7

Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Sencha Green, Chamomile, Lemon & Ginger   4.5

Kombucha by Remedy - Ginger & Lemon, Raspberry Lemonade   5

Fresh juices
Orange, apple, strawberry   8
Beetroot, orange, carrot, ginger, celery   8

Pure Acai berry, banana, fresh berries, coconut water, shaved coconut, goji berries, chia seeds & honey   10.5
Kale, mango, banana, coconut water, mint, parsley, honey   10.5

Soft drinks
Fiji Water   3.6
Coke, Coke Zero, Sparkling Mineral Water   4
Phoenix organic soft drinks - Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Lemon Lime & Bitters   4

Chocolate Morkshake   9
Peanut butter Morkshake   9
Strawberry milkshake   9

Hard Stuff
Bloody Mary - 666 Vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, salt, pepper & celery   12
Virgin Mary - Tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, salt, pepper & celery   7
The G & T - Melbourne Gin Co gin, Capi tonic & lemon   10
Johnnie Walker Black on the Rocks   10   add Coke or Ginger Beer   +2
Espresso Martini - White chocolate Vocka, Kahlua, sugar syrup & espresso   14
Amaretto Sour - Disaronno Liqueur, lemon juice, egg white & bitters   14

Asahi Soukai Mid Strength (JAP)  3.5%   330ml   8
Mountain Goat Organic Stream Ale   (VIC)   4.5%   330ml   9

2 Brothers Gypsy Pear Cider (VIC)   4.9%   330ml   8

Il Posto Prosecco (ITA)   G 10   B 42

Santa Francesca Pinot Grigio 2015   (ITA)   G 9   B 38

Hahndorf Hill Rose   (SA)   G 10   B 42

Blackbilly Sangiovese 2015   (SA)   G 9   B 38
Mr Smith Shiraz 2014   (SA)   G 10   B 42


Croissant w grandma ham, cheddar cheese & tomato   9
Croissant w Common Galaxia jam, Vegemite, honey or peanut butter served w butter   6
Toast (sourdough or rye) w Common Galaxia jam, Vegemite, honey or peanut butter served w butter   6
Fruit toast w butter   8   GF
Coconut, tapioca & chia seed porridge w tea steeped prunes, dark chocolate, maple nuts & seeds mix   16  VGF
Poached or scrambled eggs on sourdough or rye toast   11
Grandma ham eggs Benedict w tarragon hollandaise   18
Avocado w ruby grapefruit, marinated goat's cheese, basil, soy almonds, red onion & radish on sourdough   18   V
- add a poached egg   +2.5
House made granola w baked rhubarb, vanilla bean yoghurt, seasonal fruits & freeze dried mango (w milk of your choice)   16.5
Seasonal mushrooms sautéed w chilli, garlic, shallots, thyme, Danish feta & 2 poached eggs on sourdough w dukkah   19.5   V (contains nuts)
Common Galaxia breakfast board w granola & "the avo" on sourdough w fresh orange juice   18   V
- add a poached egg   +2.5
Hearty house made winter soup w sourdough toast   14
Baked eggs w spiced tomato sauce, chickpeas, roasted capsicum, preserved lemon gremolata & feta w flat bread   19.5   V
French toast w banana custard, banana gelato, toffee sauce, caramelised banana & pecan crumble   18   V
Snickers waffle sandwich w salted caramel, vanilla ice cream, peanuts & dark chocolate   18   V
Lamb OR cauliflower roast salad w pumpkin puree, pearl barley, roast heirloom carrots, red onion, fennel & herb salad w lemon tahini yoghurt & pomegranate molasses   20
Pea & feta fritters w smashed avocado, zucchini ribbons, herb salad & green goddess dressing   17   add poached egg   +2.5
Toasted Reuben sandwich on rye w pastrami, red cabbage, caramelised onion, gruyere, pickles & aioli   14.5
Karaage chicken burger w okonomiyaki sauce, cabbage slaw, mayo, Japanese pickle & togarashi chips   20
Misso barramundi w shredded cabbage, carrot, dashi stock, bok choy & bonito flakes   22


Roasted tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms   4
Bacon, smoked salmon, haloumi, chorizo   4.5
Seasonal greens   5
Spreads - Nutella, Vegemite, jam, honey, relish, aioli   +0.5

For the little ones
Toast w Nutella, jam, honey, peanut butter or Vegemite   5.5
Poached or scrambled egg w bacon on toast   8.5
Waffle w dark chocolate & ice cream   7
Ham & cheese toastie   6

Bread options:  sourdough or rye (Gluten free   +2)

V - Vegetarian
GF - Gluten free

Check out our display for each day's fresh sandwiches & cakes

No changes to menu on weekends or busy periods